Attorney Ellis also practices in the following areas of law:

Restraining Orders– representing the Plaintiff or Defendant

Private Adoptions– representing the adoptive parents or biological parents

Traffic Ticket Insurance Appeals- Appeals for moving violation surcharges

At Fault Accident Insurance Appeals- Appeals for “at fault” accident surcharges


Attorney Ellis offers free phone consultations where she will discuss your particular case and what it will cost. Flat fees may be available depending on the situation but generally Attorney Ellis will require a “retainer” to start the case. A retainer is a lump sum of money determined on a case by case basis. The retainer is held in a special client funds bank account. Funds are billed from the retainer for work that is completed on your case on a monthly basis. If the case is not completed before the retainer is exhausted, a second retainer is needed. Any money in the retainer that is not used at the completion of the case is returned to the client. The hourly rate and amount for the retainer will depend on the particular issues in the case but also depends on the number of contested issues, the complexity of issues, the contentiousness of the parties and other factors. During a free consultation, Attorney Ellis will assess your case and discuss the retainer needed to start work on the case.