"Attorney Ellis was extremely helpful in assisting me with winning my family's case. Her assertiveness, knowledge, and confidence put her at the top of her field. I appreciate the time she took to prep me for questions and listen to what I had to say. I found her flat rate to be fair. I hope to never have to hire her again but if I needed to she would be my first call."



“During the most horrific experience of my family’s lives, it was comforting to know that Attorney Jillian Ellis was our advocate. She displayed genuine compassion for our circumstances and went above and beyond to seek justice for us. I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with her at such a difficult time.”


“Attorney Jillian Ellis has provided me with superb representation in the recent past. It is with her unmatched loyalty and extreme attention to detail that Attorney Ellis will be referred and hired by me for all future matters.”

– J.R.

“If you’re looking for a highly skilled aggressive lawyer who will fight for your legal rights, then give Jillian Ellis a call.”


“Dear Jill, Thank you so much for all you did for us in the past year and a half…You prepared our case exceptionally every time we had court and I always felt like we had the upperhand even when she (the opposing party) had a lawyer. I couldn’t have done it without you. I will refer you to anyone in a similar situation.”

– J.H.

“Attorney Jillian Ellis is a lawyer that I will tell all my friends to go to. Attorney Ellis stepped into an ongoing battle for custody and did not miss a beat. Unlike other lawyers in the field, Attorney Ellis was up front about the cost (which was the lowest on the south shore) and gave options so you could afford her service. She listened to our story and promised to do what she could for us. I would call her with concerns and she always answered her phone or got back to me within the hour of calling. She kept that promise and after 13 years of fighting in court with other lawyers, with the help of Attorney Ellis we won the battle in court. I almost feel that I owe her something in return cause she worked so hard for us. I would tell anyone that has a court case involving a child to get a hold of her and she will help you out.”
– K.S.

“When Attorney Jillian Ellis was by my side in court I was confident that my son was safe. As a parent, you can’t ask for more. She is kind, strong, dedicated, and professional. Her fees are affordable but her work is priceless. I am blessed to have met and hired Jillian. I will be forever grateful.”

“Right from the first time meeting Attorney Ellis I noticed she is very professional, forth coming and accurate. She guided me through the whole process and any fees were straight forward and fair. She is professional and capable in the courtroom, it is reassuring to have her on my side. I have been very happy with her performance.”

“The breath of fresh air I had speaking with Attorney Ellis after the first of many meetings, had me hooked on her drive to represent my daughter and I. A single father who is granted full physical and legal custody is a rarity. The positive work Attorney Ellis put into my case with my daughter was amazing. Any and all questions were answered professionally and in an amazingly timely manner. There are no thanks enough for her work with my case. Just seeing my daughter all the time makes my world.”

“I couldn’t be happier with my decision choosing Jillian to represent me. She is very professional, aggressive and straight forward. I felt very comfortable with her which is a big deal for me. I can’t even thank Jillian enough. If you are looking for an aggressive lawyer who will fight for your legal rights, Jillian is the one for you.” -D.S.

“Attorney Ellis represented me in a very complicated DCF case (fair hearing). She knows the system very well and she does not stand for nonsense. She always kept me updated with information regarding my case. Attorney Ellis is an awesome lawyer and she was worth every penny I spend. Her knowledge and expertise won my case. I highly recommend her!!!!” -J.D.

“Attorney Jillian Ellis was there for my family at one of the worst and unfortunate times of our lives. She took our case against DCF, which was built on unsupported allegations, and was able to find discrepancies in their investigation. Attorney Ellis presented those discrepancies in a very straight forward, detailed and professional manner to an independent arbitrator at a Fair Hearing. She listened to the DCF investigator’s testimony and through cross examination highlighted the numerous flaws in their investigation. Attorney Ellis controlled that hearing and proved she is not an attorney to be taken lightly. Our DCF decision was reversed and my family will forever be thankful to Attorney Ellis. She was affordable, very easy to speak with and not afraid to speak bluntly with us. I have already recommended her to acquaintances because she is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. I am employed, and have been for over 19 years, in a field that deals regularly with attorneys and due to Attorney Ellis’ work ethic, attention to detail and professionalism I would confidently rate her as one of the best. If you ever find yourself in a situation that Attorney Ellis specializes in, do yourself a favor and retain her services!!” -P.J.